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Ancillary Business

R&I performs the following activities in the ancillary business operations.

R&I SME Rating

Evaluations on the creditworthiness of small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Servicer Rating

Comprehensive evaluations on servicer's ability to conduct debt-collection activities, management structure and the outlook for their continued operations.

R&I Green Bond Assessment

"R&I Green Bond Assessment" is R&I's opinion regarding the extent to which the proceeds from green bonds are used to invest in projects with environmental benefits. R&I Green Bond Assessment Methodology is available here.

Other Ancillary Business

In addition, other ancillary services are provided in the information service. For detail, please refer to here.

These services are not the Credit Rating Businesss, but the Ancillary Businesses (businesses excluding Credit Rating Service but are ancillary to Credit Rating Activities ) as set forth in Article 299, paragraph (1), item (xxviii) of the Cabinet Office Ordinance on Financial Instruments Business, etc. With respect to such business, relevant laws and regulations require measures to be implemented so that activities pertaining to such business would not unreasonably affect the Credit Rating Activities, as well as measures to prevent such business from being misperceived as the Credit Rating Business.