Credit Ratings

Why you need R&I rating?

1. Japanese Investors find value in Japanese rating

If you plan to conduct financing in Japan, such as Samurai bond issue or yen-denominated syndicated loan (Ninja) borrowing, etc., you'd better to obtain a rating from Japanese rating agency. Japanese investors find value in the credit rating reports written in Japanese and an easy access to the analysts who speak Japanese.

2. R&I rating as an access to Japanese market

Some companies obtain credit rating of Japanese agency for non-financing purposes. For example, they can show the Japanese rating report to their business counterparties. There are some companies who utilize the Japanese credit rating as a mean to get more recognition among Japanese consumers.

3. R&I is the largest credit rating agency in Japan

R&I assigns ratings to approximately 700 Japanese entities. In Japan, our rating coverage is larger than major U.S. credit rating agencies. For Japanese investors, R&I is the agency who provides the largest rating coverage in their portfolio.

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