Bond Rating Data Service

(1) Service overview

  • R&I’s Bond Rating Data Service is a data delivery service that allows access to its vast rating information. R&I’s rating data, which are updated daily, can be received through Value Added Network (VAN) services, as well as from information vendors.
  • For banks, securities firms, asset management companies and other institutional investors that buy and sell bonds, ratings are essential information for many activities, including investment strategy decisions and credit risk management. By incorporating this extensive database of bond attribute information into their own systems, subscribers can process data efficiently.
  • R&I’s Bond Rating Data Service enables subscribers to easily incorporate into their own systems not only rating information but also various attribute data on bonds, such as coupon rates and issue and redemption dates. At the time of subscription to the service, R&I delivers the current data in bulk, and transmits the latest information to subscribers as it updates rating data on a day-to-day basis.

(2) Service characteristics

  • Subscribers can obtain the rating information released publicly by R&I each day (ratings and attribute data for rated bonds) from VAN providers. The information can also be received through information vendors.
  • Because R&I can provide past rating history as well, subscribers can examine not only fixed points in time but can perform historical analyses.
  • R&I and JCR use a common format, which enables subscribers to significantly reduce the working time required for their rating and attribute data management activities.

(3) Usage fee

Annual usage fee: 2,460,000 yen + consumption tax

When past data are required, however, subscribers are asked to pay 1,000,000 yen + consumption tax as a separate one-time fee.

(4) Contents of the data provided

Up to 68 items are provided, encompassing all of the ratings and main attribute data for rated bonds, which R&I has released publicly.

(1)Contents of attribute data included

  1. Rating
  2. Issuer name (Japanese and English)
  3. Rated bond name (Japanese and English)
  4. Issue date
  5. Redemption date
  6. Issue amount
  7. Coupon rate
  8. Method of offering
  9. Primary market etc., up to 68 items

(2)Past data collection period

From April 1998 up to the most recent issue

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Bond Rating Data Service is not the Credit Rating Business, but one of the Ancillary Businesses (businesses excluding Credit Rating Service but are ancillary to Credit Rating Activities) as set forth in Article 299, paragraph (1), item (xxviii) of the Cabinet Office Ordinance on Financial Instruments Business, etc. With respect to such business, relevant laws and regulations require measures to be implemented so that activities pertaining to such business would not unreasonably affect the Credit Rating Activities, as well as measures to prevent such business from being misperceived as the Credit Rating Business.