Social Finance

R&I evaluates whether the funding for which the use is specified is social finance.

(*1) Includes the sponsor of the project and the originator of the securitized project, etc.

Published Date Issuer, etc.*1 Instrument Name Use of Proceeds Opinion Issue Amount
Latest Date of Monitoring
Mar. 31, 2020 Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama SDGs Social Finance Framework Socioeconomic advancement and empowerment Second Opinionpdf - -
Mar. 31, 2020 Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation Social Bond Framework Affordable housing Second Opinion - -
Aug. 30, 2019 Hanshin Expressway Company Limited Hanshin Expressway Company Limited Social Finance (SocialBonds/Loans) Framework Affordable basic infrastructure Second Opinion - -
Jul. 18, 2019 Miraca Holdings Inc. Social Finance Framework Access to essential services Second Opinionpdf - -
Jun. 04, 2019 East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. Social Finance (SocialBonds/Loans) Framework Affordable basic infrastructure Second Opinionpdf - -
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ESG-related services is not the Credit Rating Business, but one of the Ancillary Businesses (businesses excluding Credit Rating Service but are ancillary to Credit Rating Activities) as set forth in Article 299, paragraph (1), item (xxviii) of the Cabinet Office Ordinance on Financial Instruments Business, etc. With respect to such business, relevant laws and regulations require measures to be implemented so that activities pertaining to such business would not unreasonably affect the Credit Rating Activities, as well as measures to prevent such business from being misperceived as the Credit Rating Business.