Rating List

Ratings lists by month-end

Issuer ratings lists of Japanese corporations are available here, by order of issuer names. For life insurers which do not have issuer ratings, insurance claims paying ability is listed. For some issures, more than one ratings may be listed.

Credit ratings are statements of R&I’s opinions regarding an issuer’s general capacity to repay its financial obligations and its individual obligations (creditworthiness) and are not statements of fact. Further, R&I does not state its opinions about any risks other than credit risk, give advice regarding investment decisions or financial matters, or endorse the merits of any investment. R&I does not undertake any independent verification of the accuracy or other aspects of the related information when issuing a credit rating and makes no related representations or warranties. R&I is not liable in any way for any damage arising in relation to credit ratings (including amendment or withdrawal thereof). As a general rule, R&I issues a credit rating for a fee paid by the issuer. For details, please refer to here.